Having a New Website Built? How Long Will it Take?

You’ll find a variety of answers to this question from one website agency to the next. One of the biggest factors is whether the website agency outsources their labor. Do they do their own work?  If not, the timeline will typically be longer. With us, you’ll experience some of the shortest timelines in our industry.

3+ Weeks

Our short answer is two weeks at a minimum for a basic brochure website. Plan on 4+ weeks for a basic eCommerce website. The reason our time frames are so aggressive isn’t because of quality shortcuts, it’s because we build our own websites. We also know how to keep projects moving, and do all copyrighting and editing in-house. 

The biggest bottleneck with web design projects often happens when website agencies are waiting for their clients to provide content and images. We learned early on, that by putting the ball in our clients’ court, things weren’t getting done. In fact, we used to provide a website worksheet that we asked our clients to fill out prior to starting a project. This was quickly canned, as this small document slowed the process, and in the end didn’t help the product. After our initial kickoff call, we just get right to work. This greatly shortened our process. 

To shorten the length of our web design projects, we started proactively creating content, rather than relying on our clients to provide it. More often than not, we’re right on, and when we’re not, it gets the conversation started, which moves the project along much more quickly than waiting for content. 

Much like the cost of a website, the time to build a website can vary a great deal from one website to the next. Ideally, building a great looking custom website for your business doesn’t need to be a race to the finish. However, we get it. If you’re like many of our clients, once they make the decision to build a new website, the urgency level often goes up a bit. Based on years and volumes of websites we’ve completed over the years, here are some ballparks for our new website projects:

Basic small business website

(7-12 pages) – 3-5 weeks

This could include a website with multiple service or product pages, in addition to the core: Home, About, Services and Contact pages. The “uniqueness” of each page plays a big part in the website ETA. If we’re simply replicating the same page format, that’s going to take less time than building each page from scratch, for example. 

Larger business websites

(13+ pages) – 4+ weeks

With websites in this category, we’re often working with additional customization, or variables that further impact the delivery date. 4+ weeks is a safe bet, depending on your website requirements.

eCommerce websites

3+ weeks minimum

How many SKU’s do you have? Do you want just the framework set up, or are you wanting a turn-key online store? What type of functionality would you like? With eCommerce websites, there are just too many variables to provide an accurate ETA, so at a minimum, plan on 3 weeks if you work with HyperX Design. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line, is websites don’t need to take as long to build as many agencies might want you to believe. Sorry, you shouldn’t have to wait two+ months for a 5-10 page website.  Some website companies just provide better service, and have better control over their timelines than others. 

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