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Why HyperX?

Custom wordpress website design - websites that sell!

Why HyperX?

Custom wordpress website design - websites that sell!


What makes us different?

When you work with us you work directly with the person doing your work. This means a much better experience for you, and a much more efficient process for both of us.

If you asked our clients, they would tell you our attentive, white glove service is one of our strengths. The other is that we get results. Whether it’s our SEO services, graphic design services, website design or web development services, we know how to keep projects moving and provide top quality results. 

What many may not realize, is the web design or digital marketing services industry is very reliant on the outsourcing model. Using a network of known, and often unknown resources, contract labor is often used to complete projects. 

Because we’re not reliant on overseas or contract labor, we have firm control over the quality of product and services you receive. This also  gives us complete control over your project timeline. In other words, you won’t be bounced around from Project Manager to Project Manager when you work with us. 

Have a question for us? You won’t have to wait for us to connect with an outside contractor to be able to answer it. These small things all lead to a better experience for our clients. 

Lastly, at HyperX Design, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the highest quality services, and in return, earning our customers’ trust and commitment. As with any service we provide, we’re not in this for transactions. We value our longstanding relationships, and work hard to earn our clients’ trust. 

A Typical Website Agency

Notice the  many layers (cost centers) between you, and your designer or web developer. Rotating project managers is common, resulting in less continuity for you, a longer process, and a greater disconnect between you and your designer or developer.

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Working With Us

No layers. This model allows us to provide affordable pricing for small businesses and have 100% control over service and quality. Our clients appreciate how efficient our process is.

Affordable Web Design Agency

Single Point Of Contact

No shuffling between different project managers, or getting handed off to someone else. Our clients appreciate the personal touch they receive when working with us.


If you've seen it, or can dream it, we can make it happen. Creative front end development backed by talented back end developers. Additionally, many of our clients enjoy consistent page 1 Google rankings for their most prized key words.


Hey, it matters! We get it. Without the overhead of a larger agency we have fewer mouths to feed, and lower rent. No budget overruns, and flexible pricing options that make our services feasible


When you love what you do you never work a day in your life, right? The more you love your job, the harder you'll work as well! We work extremely hard for our clients, and are committed to blowing away expectations.

On Time Delivery

Projects stall all of the time. Not here. We're experienced in pulling the right levers to get projects done ahead of schedule.

We're Available When You Need Us

Have a question after hours, over the weekend, or have a tight deadline and you need something done NOW? We're here for you by phone or email whenever you need us.

Have a question about pricing or capabilities?

Call Us: 612-361-7499

Prefer to drop us a message instead? No problem. Use the link below to get to our contact form. 

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