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The price of a new website can range from free (building it yourself), to website projects that cost millions of dollars or more (Best Buy, Target, etc.). Most companies will choose to outsource their website design and development, which can also present a range of website pricing factors, including:


  • The size of the website agency – From freelancer to large national web design firms, website agency size adds to overhead, which will impact the cost of your new website. 
  • The location of the website agency – With your new web design project you’ve got options both local and abroad. There are many offshore options for web design, however, from experience, these projects don’t tend to meet expectations from a quality and quality of service level. Nationally, or even locally, you’ll also find that website pricing can be all over the board. 
  • Web design and development experience – An individual just starting out in web design is going to provide you with website project costs that are far lower than established web developers or digital marketing agencies. This may or may not turn out well for you should you opt for the lowest website price. With any web design project, experience and execution go hand in hand in ensuring you have a quality experience and timelines are met. 

As you can imagine, in addition to the website agency you choose, the website itself contains many variables that affect the cost of building a website. Your needs, and required functionality will ultimately determine the cost of a website. Do you have existing website content or are we starting from scratch? How’s your messaging? Need help with creating or strengthening your website content? This is one area that really sets apart skilled web design agencies. Being able to help you create content that is both interesting and persuasive is critical for companies looking to boost their online presence. 

To build custom websites, there are a lot of moving parts involved.

Here are factors that any website agency will take into account when pricing out your new website project

Size of your website

The number of website pages will have a direct affect on the cost of your website. More pages means more time to build, optimize for mobile, optimize images, page titles, meta tags, etc.

Content Writing

Do you need copywriting for your website, or do you just need your current website repackaged? Do you have existing materials, or will it require research as well? An advantage to working with us is we don't have to farm content writing out to a contractor, and we are extremely fluent in starting from square zero. Research and copywriting is one of our competitive advantages here.

Graphic Design

Want a custom header? Need your logo redrawn in vector format? Would you like custom icons created? An infographic, perhaps? Depending on what you want, graphic design will impact the overall cost of your website. Again, because we do this work in-house, we have tighter cost controls, resulting in lower overall costs for you, and a higher level of quality.

Website Agency Overhead

Just like your business, website agencies need to make a profit in order to survive. Obviously, larger agencies have more overhead, than smaller website agencies like ours. Here's the deal. Regardless of the size of website company, at the end of the day, there are typically 1-2 people that are actually doing the work on your website. Larger website agencies come with more layers (cost centers), including project managers, account managers, sales managers, marketing strategists, copyrighters, graphic designers, human resources, and more. We will never become that size of an agency because it adds too many layers between you, and your finished product, as well as requiring pricing levels that are outside of the comfort level for most small businesses.

As a small agency, we think you'll enjoy a much better experience with us, as well as significant cost savings, as compared to larger digital marketing agencies.

Custom Website Functionality

Aside from a traditional "brochure-type" website, do you need specific functionality on your new website? Examples could include: Mortgage calculators, a custom configurator, custom software integrations, custom contact forms, or an employment application, to name just a few. The sky's the limit, when it comes to customizing your website.

How much is a website

How Much is a New Website at HyperX Design?

At HyperX Design, in general, the website pricing range for most small-medium business websites falls within the $2,800-$5,500 range. ECommerce websites costs run higher than this due to a higher level of complexity. This range of website pricing can scale up, and even down some depending on your needs. To give you an accurate web cost estimate, we’d need to learn more about your objectives, and gather a few details about your new website that will help us to dial in a price for you.

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