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How Much Does It Cost To Build A New Website?

If you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost to build a new website, as you probably already know, there is no clearly defined answer. Whether you’re looking at website freelancers, website companies, or outsourcing your web design with a digital marketing agency you’ll find website prices are all over the board. 

Factors that Affect Website Cost

Factors that will influence the cost of website project include the size and complexity of the website, the platform and tools used to build it, the level of customization required, the status of your content (or lack of), and the company or individual providing the services.

For a basic brochure website, you can expect to see prices from website agencies ranging from $2,000 to $8,000 or more to build your website. ECommerce websites can have an even wider disparity between the lowest website bid and the most expensive. 

At HyperX Design, we’ve seen website prices on extreme ends of the spectrum when submitting our own website pricing to potential clients. Recently, for the same project, one website company quoted our (now) client $2.600, we quoted $6,200 and another quoted $25,000 for the same website build. In another recent bidding scenario we were involved in our client had website prices ranging from $2000 to $50,000. No joke!

It’s always interesting to see the website pricing that other agencies submit….and often head scratching.

The Lowest Cost Website Bid

Let’s start with website companies with the lowest prices. One thing to keep in mind, is the barrier to entry into the website agency world is almost nothing. Someone with a computer and a few tutorials can suddenly brand themselves as a “website expert”. Or in another case, an individual or company might have found that they can get your website built overseas for $300, and their $2000 proposal to you nets them $1700. Not a bad return!

In either case, yes, the pricing might be attractive, but there are a couple of great risks to consider here:

  1. Lost investment – From experience, the cheapest website option typically doesn’t end well, ultimately ending in a reboot. In many cases this means hiring a new website company to do it right. What’s interesting, is this same risk applies to the most expensive website bid as well. It’s so important to do your due diligence up front to minimize the chance of this happening to you.
  2. Lost time – By making the decision to move forward with the lowest cost web agency there is a real risk of a do-over, which means losing the time that was spent building your subpar website. 


"$2,000 Websites Rarely End Well"

What About The Most Expensive Website Bid Then?

OK, so what about the crazy high website pricing. What gives? 

From experience there are a few factors that explain the wild swings in website prices. On the high side it sometimes it boils down to one website company having more information than another. 

During a discovery call, one agency may have uncovered needs that the other didn’t ask about, and thus, didn’t factor this into their low website pricing. For sure, knowing which questions to ask is critical to accurately pricing out any website project.


That said, let’s talk about what’s more likely really going on behind the expensive website price you received.

Agency Overhead

As with any product or service, overhead is going to be a pricing consideration. Employees need to eat. Margins need to be met. If you're working with a larger website agency, or a website company with bloated expenses, that's going to be reflected in the cost of your website.

Agency Workload

Busy web agencies can ask more for their websites. A website agency that is booked out has the ability to "shoot high" on new website projects. If you pay enough, they'll make room for your website project, regardless of their workload.

Higher Website Quality

Not always, but it's possible your most expensive website bid comes from a web agency that simply builds a better website. Their track record means they can command a premium and not chase low priced website clients. They're established, and can simply charge more. Supply and demand at work.

They're Clueless

As with anything, the most expensive website doesn't always equal the best. In the world of web design, a very common model is that you are interfacing with a generalist with no practical knowledge of building websites. Digital marketing agencies who outsource can fall into this category, with no one on staff who truly understands the ins and outs of building websites. Through lack of knowledge, or simply hedging against the unknown, their website pricing can often turn out to be needlessly high.

Final Thoughts

If you’re shopping for a new website for your business, doing even a small bit of research up front can help you make an informed decision. It can be tempting to zero in on price, but from experience, focusing on the outcome will yield much better results for your company. There are a number of resources online that can provide guidance. As an example, here’s an article that provides real-world information on how to build an effective business website. Here is another informative article about considerations for a new website published at Search Engine Journal. Ask good questions, hire the best website company for your needs, and enjoy your new website!

How Much is a New Website at HyperX Design?

At HyperX Design, in general, the website pricing range for most small-medium business websites falls within the $3,200-$5,800 range. ECommerce websites costs run higher than this due to a higher level of complexity. This range of website pricing can scale up, and even down some depending on your needs. To give you an accurate web cost estimate, we’d need to learn more about your objectives, and gather a few details about your new website that will help us to dial in a price for you.

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