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Spencer LLC is North America’s fastest growing builder of custom cabinetry. Located near Seattle, Washington, they specialize in heirloom quality cabinetry coupled with the most attentive, quality service experience in their industry. Family-owned, together they’ve created a well oiled machine. However, there is (was) one exception. Their website. This thing was MASSIVE (100+ pages), and built with HTML, not mobile friendly, confusing to navigate, and just plain looked dated. Newer technology and current design had left their website in the dust. We had a blast with this one.

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Design Considerations

One of our greatest challenges was getting a grasp on the sheer volume of content and pages, and coming up with a plan to repackage it in a way that made sense. Aside from beautiful visuals, we wanted to provide an easy path for website visitors to request pricing, or contact Spencer with questions. They build beautiful cabinetry, so the new website definitely needed to be equally crisp, clean, and stunning. 


Again, there was no shortage of content to work with. The missing piece was providing content that evoked emotion, and turned website visits into quote requests. Spencer is truly unique in the cabinet building world, and they wanted to include a unique page “Book of Secrets”, that communicated their winning formula. We’re all for unique, and guess what one of their most visited pages is? Yep, the “Book of Secrets” page.


As a service business, several key elements can make the difference between a phone call, or an abandoned visit. We definitely wanted to make sure we had the basics covered, like a prominent, clickable phone number, contact forms, calls to action, and pages that were fine tuned to deliver a quality mobile experience. 



State of the art website, organized and designed to convert visits into leads. 

This website involved pen, paper, whiteboards, wireframes, and most of the tools in Adobe’s Creative Suite. This was BEFORE we began actually building their new website. At the end of the day, their new website not only provides significant lead activity, but it also includes the ability for clients to leave online testimonials, which Spencer takes great pride in.  


After thorough testing and QC review, the delivery is completed.

Custom Marketing Video

Videos are a fantastic way to engage your website visitors. What better way to showcase their amazing cabinetry, than creating a promotional video? We created a custom intro, script, and added a voice over professional to bring it to life. Check it out!

I wrote the first website for our cabinet manufacturing company. It did well for several years, when it became obvious that we needed to update it to be more responsive to customers. I was referred to Scott Solberg of HyperX Design by one of my staff, and boy, I’m really glad I was!

He took my original content, told us what else he needed, and developed — I kid you not — the single best website in our industry. Where we hoped people would see our old one and eventually call, our new site has generated a steady stream of quality leads and increased our sales significantly.

The very first full year this new website has been up has been our very best year since we started over 14 years ago! In addition, Scott has performed any needed maintenance, usually within minutes. The professionalism, comprehensiveness, attention-to-detail, and ease of use of our site has left our prospective customers with a highly favorable impression of our company, which carries over once we meet them and turns into sales, and even repeat sales and referrals.

My confidence level in HyperX Design is currently such that I am shifting more and more of the management of our online presence to them. Oh, did I mention that we have found the cost of these services to be quite reasonable, especially in light of all the new business it has brought it. I should have done this years earlier.

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This is why we love what we do. Helping small businesses – one at a time. 

Web design for small business

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