Questions to Ask a Website Agency

As you're shopping for the best web agency for your website project, here are 12 critical questions to ask

12 Questions to Ask Prospective Website Agencies

Let’s give you a checklist of questions WE would ask website agencies if we were looking to hire a qualified, competent website agency. To save you time, we’ll include our answers to help you  evaluate our potential fit as your web developer. 

Website Agency Questionaire:

And our own answers to these questions….

How long have you been In business?

HyperX Design was officially launched in January of 2014. Website experience was already years in the making.

Do you outsource? (let's get right to it)

No, we don't. All work, design, development, content and graphics are done in-house. Your feedback goes directly to the source, which simplifies the feedback loop and shortens the website build process.

Describe your process

We shape our process around each individual client. We've removed all of the formalities including multi-page website worksheets. Gone. They stall the process. After a kickoff call we'll roll up our sleeves and research. We'll look at your successful competitors (in and out of market), and do a bit of keyword research. Notes are compiled along the way, and then we'll pull out the sketch pad. First step is a home page mockup using what we've learned.

This is really the jumping off point, as our goal is to give us something tangible to work from. Love it or hate it, you will have something to critique and dig into. From here, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback all along the way. When we get to the finish line, you'll already know the website inside and out. No surprises here.

How do you handle revisions?

Long answer: It is a rare case that we have 100% creative freedom with zero input from our client. Once in awhile? Yes, but rare. Building websites is typically a highly collaborative process, which means reworking pages, elements or website content until we get it right. Short answer: We will revise pages as necessary to make them right for you.

How long does it take to build a website?

Lots of factors here. A few include the size of the website, the complexity (any custom functionality), eCommerce or no eCommerce, and any existing content (or lack of). That said, in general: Standard brochure website (5-8 pages): 3-6 weeks. Ultimately, the feedback loop determines the launch date, so if you're responsive that will help us dial in the timeframe. If not, it'll delay the launch.

Will I be working directly with my web designer or with a project manager?

Yes, you will work directly with your web designer. No layers help to streamline the process.

What platform will you use for my website and do I own the files?

We build WordPress websites and Yes, you do.

How Do You Handle Redirects?

If you're talking with an Account Manager at the website agency you may be met with silence on this one, but this is a very important question. Here's why:

Your existing website is known to the search engines. They've crawled it, mapped it and know all of your pages. This includes your page URL's. If any of these change with the new website, or get eliminated altogether you run the risk of losing search engine rankings and greeting your visitors with a 404 page not found error. Not good.

In short, here's how we handle redirects:

Before even starting on your new website, we compile a list of all of your URLs. When possible, we keep the URLs identical. If some deviate or get eliminated, we create what's called a 301 redirect. This tells the search engines where to point traffic that originates from your old URL.

Put even more simply: Redirects? No problem. We've got your back.

How is maintenance handled after the website launch?

This is up to you. If you'd like us to perform ongoing updates and maintenance for you, we offer our basic Website Care Plan for $49 per month.

What do you need from me during the website build?

Again, this is up to you. Items we ask for up front (not necessary) are logo files, images, existing content and reference websites which are websites that you either love or hate, but helps guide us towards your specific likes/dislikes. If you're too busy we get it. We'll take the ball and run with it. If you want to be actively involved along the way, we welcome that too, of course.

Do you have references that I could talk to?

Yes, we do.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yes, we do. Hosting your website with us isn't a requirement, but we do offer web hosting as a service for our clients.

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